How to Create Videos on Instagram Reels

How to Create Videos on Instagram Reels

Once you’ve figured out how to upload a video to Reels, you can begin customizing it. Add text, stickers, GIFs, and other effects to your Reel and then choose the caption you want to display at the end. Once you’ve completed the basic step, you’ll be ready to add your text to the Reel. Here’s how. Once you’ve added your text to the Reel, you can begin editing.

To add music, simply tap on the “Memories” section of the main menu and select the Reels option. You’ll then have several options available, including recording your voice or choosing music from your music library. You can also add special effects to your video, such as animations, and even use a timer! The speed option will let you decide how long the video should last. Typically, it’s fifteen seconds. If you want to make it longer, you can press the “15” symbol above the musical note to extend the recording to 30 seconds. You can also record multiple Reels and set a timer to finish the process automatically.

Once you’ve finished editing your Instagram Reel, you can add audio from your library. While the platform doesn’t allow original audio, you can record a voiceover while previewing your Reel. You can also record your own original audio, or upload a track to use in your Reel. Once you’ve finished recording, you can set the length of the video by pressing the Length button in the left side panel. You can choose between 15 seconds, thirty seconds, and 60 seconds. If you need a shorter video, you can adjust the slider to the desired length.

Once you’ve created your video, the next step is to choose an audio track. In Instagram, the Reels feature lets you select audio from your library and add it to your Reel. To create a Reel with audio, you simply open the camera in the stories mode and click on the “Reels” button. In Instagram, the audio will automatically be credited to the original audio file, so you don’t need to worry about crediting the source.

Once you’ve finished your video, you can add an audio track. You can also choose a song from the music library by scrolling through its lyrics. After previewing your Reel, you can record the voiceover. You can also set the duration of the video by pressing the Length button in the left side panel. You can create Reels with a length of fifteen, 30 or sixty seconds.

Once you’ve finished recording your video, you can add audio to it. You can add a voiceover while previewing a Reel, or record the audio while a video is being edited. After completing this step, you’ll need to set the duration of the video. If you have a longer video, you can record it with a shorter duration. When you’re done, tap the Done button to save it.